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My custom sonic character My custom sonic character

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You gave Tails a T-shirt.

Where is the artistic creativity in that? You painted pixels over a sprite ripped from a Sonic game in MSPaint and gave him a T-shirt. That's like me drawing a hat on the Mona Lisa and saying it's my own version of her. There is very little creativity or talent shown here. Upload something original and entirely of your own creation next time.

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Taruno responds:

wtf are you,the art police? I do edits and recolors. that's my thing. so if you're gonna be an ass about it, why don't you try to make me delete it?

Mr. Blobby's Revenge Mr. Blobby's Revenge

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Oh wow...

This is unsettling. I've been staring at this thing for minutes now. Not even for thinking of what score to give it, just...staring. I'm near entranced by that bloody grin and gaze, and all that shadow enveloping his bright coloured body is very spooky.

Dude, I used to love watching him on TV as a kid, but you've really made a monster out of him. D:

...anything that provokes this sort of reaction is DEFINITELY worth 5/5.
Excellent work!

Black (+)ps

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Phobotech responds:

Ha! You have no idea how much that flatters me. I appreciate and thank you for the review!